About Jekaterina Rojaka | Luminor

Jekaterina Rojaka started her professional career with our bank in 2003. Jekaterina Rojaka is a specialist with a wide of experience in macroeconomics and financial markets. Before joining DNB, Jekaterina Rojaka worked for the World Bank, as an economist for the Bank of Lithuania, a lecturer at Vilnius University and the ISM University of Management and Economics. Jekaterina Rojaka has contributed to a range of different economic studies and projects, and we couldn’t imagine having a better Head of the Research Department.
We have regularly entrusted tasks to Jekaterina Rojaka that require exceptional expertise and commitment, e.g. coordination of international surveys, the DNB development strategy and budgeting, macroeconomic analysis, as well as other functions involving a high degree of responsibility.
We seek to ensure that all our clients, from business people to youngsters who have just received their first debit card, understand our economic environment. Our analysts, working together with Jekaterina Rojaka, are always willing to share their knowledge and are able to present even the most complex economic phenomena in a language that’s easily understood by all.