New Company Program

Every enterprise is an act of courage – you will never know if it will succeed. We want more companies to succeed – it is good for everyone in the long run. Therefore, we have come up with a special program open to all new companies who decide to join us.

The new customer program will help your company get started and get acquainted with Luminor. The program includes free access to our most important daily products like accounts, cards and payments. We also give new merchants the chance to get started with proper payment tools – POS terminals and e‑commerce payment solutions.
Additionally we have special discounts for services from partners that cover the needs that we think your company might have.

New company program has a number of advantages

Become a business customer


We have gathered special discounts for services from partners that cover the needs we think your company might have

Partner offers

  • ERPLY/ ERPLY Books – €200 worth of training courses and deployment with free accounting software.
  • Pipedrive – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software free for three months.
  • CakeHR – Human resources applications gift card for up to €1500.
  • Lokalise – Translation and localization tool Enterprise level free for 3 months.
  • Voog – Webpage and e-shop creation platform 50% off for a month or a year.
  • Evocon – Cloud-based production optimization system first year free and after that 25% off.

Manage your business finances with ease!