Bank statements
Drafting of a reference upon the Customer’s request:
- Standard references: opened/closed accounts and their balances (1)€10
- Non-standard references (1)On agreed basis, at least €15, except the information which has to be provided free of charge according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania
Accrual account balance (1)Free
For customer‘s auditors, reference letter (1)€30
Additional fee for issuing a Bank statement at the customer's request within a period not longer than 3 business days (2)€15

(1) Bank statements issued within 10 business days.
(2) Service is not provided regarding letters for customer’s auditors.

Copies of documents/ mailing
Copies of documents:
Agreements and other documents€6 for one agreement
Payment documents€2 for each document
Mailing of other documents:
By post in Lithuania regular€0.80 per one page + post costs €5
By post in Lithuania registered€0.80 per one page + post costs €5
By post to foreign countries€0.80 per one page + post costs €10
Courier delivery€10 + Courier costs