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Let's build the future together

By building a new bank, we want to build a better tomorrow – for our employees, customers and community.

Luminor values

We are here with a purpose and vision that we strongly believe in. We are natural born optimists. We are convinced that there is always room to improve, and to do things better.

These are our core values, that we follow on our daily life and bussines:

We are driven by curiosity.
Curiosity drives the change for better tomorrow.

  • We believe that growth and development starts from the curiosity.
  • We try and innovate, and we learn from our mistakes.
  • We have the positive spirit – it motivates us to achieve more.

Collaboration based on trust.
We praise the teamwork and value the team targets higher than individual.

  • We build and guard trust – the cornerstone of collaboration.
  • We embrace the diversity and combine people’s strengths.
  • We are straightforward and open, and we do this with respect.

We have clear focus.
With clear focus we are empowered to take initiative and act.

  • We follow the „can do“ attitude and are always out there – we keep our customers first.
  • We take the ownership and walk the talk.
  • We engage only with the things we can execute with high quality.


Support for DNB clients: 1608

Support for Nordea clients: 1554

E-mail: info@luminor.lt