In order for us to be able to activate your Bridge account, please follow these steps to export the Multibank database:

  1.  Download QuickExport from the Luminor website.
  2. Copy the ‘quickexport.exe’ file to the folder where you find the file named ‘settings.xml’.
  3. The actual location of the database is automatically found according to the value in the ‘settings.xml’ file.
  4. Launch the ‘quickexport.exe’ file.
  5. A folder named ‘DataExport’ will be created, in which all files obtained in the course of exporting will be saved.
  6. In the event of errors a ‘quickexport.log’ file will be generated, in which all error messages generated in the course of exporting will be saved.
  7. Pack all of the files generated in the ‘DataExport’ file together with the ‘quickexport.log’ file into one zip-file and protect it with a password.
  8. Name the packed file as follows: ‘’.
  9. Send the packed filed to the e-mail address via which the Cash Managment Department contacted you. The password for the packed file should be sent to the mobile number you find in the e-mail signature.
  10. When the switch from Multibank to Bridge takes place, you will receive a separate e-mail informing you of this. Until then you can continue to use Multibank.