Can the authorised person open a bank account?

Yes, he can. If your authorised person opens a bank account and signs a bank account agreement, he must submit his ID document and the power of attorney to our consultant indicating that the person has the right to open the bank account in your name. We perform transactions only according to powers of attorney notarised in Lithuania, or equivalent documents. The authorized person, in addition to the power of attorney, must also submit ID of representative or a notarised copy thereof.

How to open an account in the name of a minor (under 14 years old)?

If you want to open a bank account to a minor (under 14 years old)  you should ask any of our divisions and submit to the consultant ID documents of a minor and both of his parents, adoptive parents or guardians. We will identify the minor according to his ID document (birth certificate, passport, etc.). Only the parents, adoptive parents or guardians can open the account for the minor. The authorised person can also open the account upon submitting us a notarised power of attorney (if the minor’s ID document details are not specified in the power of attorney, you must submit us a copy of this document).
You are also requested to submit:

  • Documents to certify that this person (or persons) is (are) appointed as legal adoptive parent(s) or guardian(s) of the minor
  • Court decision entitling one of the parents to reside with the child, if the parents are divorced or separated

How to open an account in the name of the minor (14 to 18 years old)?

To open a bank account for a minor (14 to 18 years old), you should know that the minor can also open the account for himself, but in this case you must submit to our consultant his ID document and a consent of one of his parents, adoptive parents, foster parents or guardians notarised in Lithuania. The consent may be executed also in the branch of the bank, but in this case one of the parents, adoptive parents, foster parents or guardians must participate, or it may be given by one of the parents via internet bank.

If a minor is married, he must submit a marriage certificate to our consultant. In this case, no consent of parents, adoptive parents or guardians is required.

Can I open an account on behalf of several persons?

Yes, you can have a bank account with several co-owners. It is convenient for a family or when the client cannot manage the funds himself (e.g., is travelling). Both co-owners may have payment cards to manage money on the account, review account information together in the online bank and make transfers from the account.

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