Consumer loan for consumption needs with fixed loan interest rate: 9 %

If you need the funds to make some bigger purchase or improve your daily life, choose Luminor consumer loan.

Offer is valid:

  • For consumer loans from 2500 EUR - 12000 EUR;

  • Payback term: 3 - 5 years

  • Submitting application 2019 09 02 – 2019 09 22

Standard consumer loan offer

Appreciate the benefits:

  • Remote agreement - you can take a loan via mobile bank or internet bank
  • No down payment or property pledge
Representative example

Loan amount Loan maturity Annual fixed interest rate Agreement fee Bank account maintenance monthly fee Total amount payable Monthly instalment Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
EUR 3500 5 years 9 % 35 EUR 1 EUR 4454.30 EUR 72.70 EUR 10,49 %

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