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Mastercard Gold

More opportunities and advantages: safely purchase and travel with your family, and enjoy other exclusive benefits. Contactless Mastercard Gold – a true treasure to you and your family.

Why choose Mastercard Gold?

Applying for Mastercard Gold is easy


Check your credit power

Check your credit power with our credit limit calculator.


Submit documents

Complete the application form on your internet bank for Mastercard Gold.


We will contact you

We will review your form and get in touch with you soon.


Sign the contract

Visit us in branch to sign the credit limit contract.


Get your card

If you receive your card at home, you will also get a letter with details about how to activate your card.


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You will need the following documents:

  • ID or passport
  • We may also require additional documents

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Get a card that gives you more

If you have lost your credit card, immediately report it to the bank by calling 1608 or, if you are calling from abroad, +370 5 239 3444. To receive a new card, please log on to your internet bank or contact your nearest branch. 
If you are planning long distance travel (to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Philippines, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Cambodia, Columbia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, South Korea, Thailand, USA and Vietnam), let us know by calling 1608 so that we can block your card if we notice unusual card transactions. If you are planning travel to Sudan, there are restrictions on Mastercard in this country, so all card payments are blocked.
Representative example
If you receive a 1,500.00 EUR credit limit over a 3 year period and credit limit spend all, the total amount of your payment is 1,672.79 EUR, the total annual percentage rate 22.85 %. These calculations are carried out under the following assumptions: annual interest rate – 17 %, the loan is repaid at maturity, the credit agreement fee is 0 EUR, payment card administration fee 3.70 EUR/month and minimum banking package fee 0.90 EUR/month.