Consumer Loan Agreement conclusion
at the BankMobile bank / Internet
Fee for drafting and completion of loan documents*1% of the loan amount, but not less than EUR 301% of the loan amount, but not less than EUR 30

*Agreement conclusion fee does not apply to credit applications completed via an online bank or mobile application.

To sign a consumer loan agreement you need to have a payment account with Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch. You can open a payment account separately. Information on charges and commission fee related to the opening and use of the payment account is available here.

The total cost of consumer credit APR calculating example:
If you receive a 3 000 Eur loan over a 5 year period, the total amount of your payment is 4 139,40 Eur, monthly payment 68,49 Eur, and the total annual percentage rate 14,48 %. These calculations are carried out under the following assumptions: annual interest rate – 12,5 %, the loan is repaid with annuity method, the credit agreement fee is 30 Eur, minimum banking package fee 1 Eur/month.

Consumer Loan Agreement Amendment
Loan agreement amendment fee EUR 60