Card issuance / renewal
Card issuance feefree of charge
Collecting the card at the bank's unit**EUR 10
Card sending by mail within Lithuaniafree of charge
Card sending by mail abroadEUR 6
Card maintenance feeEUR 130 per year
Card renewal* feefree of charge
Card replacementEUR 4
Card issuing in an urgent procedure (in 2 working days)EUR 25

Cards issued when account no. begins with LTXX21400.

Card validity 3 years.

*The Bank has the right to not renew the Card if no payments have been made with the Card in the past 6 (six) months.
**This fee is also applied if the customer had specified to the bank that the card would be collected at the bank’s unit but afterwards requested to send it by mail.

Example of the annual rate calculation on the overall credit price (Mastercard Platinum)

If the Bank issued EUR 1,500 credit in the payment card account for 36 months' period, the overall amount payable by the borrower would make EUR 1,860.63 and the overall annual rate of the credit price would make 51.12%.

The calculations include the interest paid during the credit period (13 % fixed annual interest rate was used for the calculation), payment card administration fee of EUR 130 per year and minimal service fee of EUR 1 per month.

The overall annual rate of the credit price and the overall amount payable by the borrower is calculated assuming that the total Credit Limit is used on the Credit Limit issue day and is fully repaid on the last effective day of the agreement and the interest for using the Credit Limit is paid every month.

Cash withdrawal / depositing
Cash withdrawal at Luminor ATMs in Baltic countries and SEB ATMs in Lithuania2% of the amount (min. EUR 2)
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of Nordea Group* in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, and at ATMs of the banks belonging to the Bank’s group (former Nordea only) in Latvia and Estonia2% of the amount (min. EUR 2)
Cash withdrawal at other banks' ATMs2.50% of the amount (min. EUR 3)
Cash withdrawal within the network of the bank's partners** via POS0.40% of the amount (min. EUR 0.80)
Cash depositing at Luminor ATMs in Lithuania with cash-in functionfree of charge
Cash depositing within the network of the bank's partners* via POSEUR 0.30

*Nordea Group shall be Nordea Bank AB, identification code 516406-0120, address SE-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden, and all its subsidiaries and branches.

**In PERLAS terminals based on the list of places provided in the website here. The service is provided by UAB "Perlas Finance".

Other card fees and services
Credit limit interest13%
Minimum monthly mandatory payment (% on the utilized credit limit)10-100%
Credit repayment day5-24 d.
Interest free period for purchase transactionsFrom purchase date until the next months’ credit repayment day (max. 55 d.)
New PINfree of charge
Card blocking feefree of charge
Granting a non-standard (more than EUR 2,900.00) 24 h usage limitsfree of charge
Priority Pass card issuing (card validity – 3 years)free of charge
Fee for visiting VIP airport lounges (1 visit for 1 person) First 4 visits per calendar year – free of charge. Later – 30.00 EUR
Balance enquiry and mini statement printing at other banks' ATMs or Perlas terminalsEUR 0.50
Preparation and sending a a card statement by mailEUR 1.50
Obtaining a receipt of paymentEUR 15
Obtaining a travel document (car rent, hotel reservation, air ticket booking, etc.) in case of payment abroadEUR 35
Urgent withdrawal of a retained card from the Bank's (ex-Nordea only) ATMEUR 75
Mastercard Global service (Urgent credit card blocking or replacement in case the credit card is stolen or lost; emergency cash advances)Actual expenses, however, not more than EUR 144.81
Currency exchange fee, when transaction currency is not EUR2.50% of the amount
Total amount of cash withdrawal operations and payments for goods (per day)EUR 1500
Number of cash withdrawal operations and payments for goods (per day)unlimited

A cash withdrawal or payment transaction performed is not deducted from the used day limit before 25 hours from execution thereof.