Although the government has imposed restrictions in connection with the spread of Covid-19, Luminor ensures the continuation of banking services. Use our services at any convenient place and time.

Questions & Answers related to COVID-19

Private persons

Become a customer

If you are not Luminor client but you are Lithuanian citizen, you can start account opening process on the page Become a customer: click Become a client online, fill in a registration form, and we will contact you back and arrange time for Skype call. During one call, you will receive an account, payment card, package of services and Internet banking.


It is the easiest way how to login to Luminor|DNB internet bank and mobile bank. More information about Smart-ID can be found here.


If you have questions related to card activation, contatless payments, limits, PIN-codes, your card was lost or stolen, please find answers here.


You can make payments in your internet bank and mobile application.
To make payments on Internet bank, Luminor clients have to log in to their Internet bank account and select Payments. You can transfer money by selecting Transfer in euros: fill in empty fields, enter recipients' surname or company name, account number, payment amount and payment purpose. Transfers into your own Luminor accounts can be made without additional confirmation. All other transfers can be made using Smart-ID app, code generator or M.signature.
To make payments on the app, select Payments in euros, log on to your Internet bank and make the same steps as instructed above.

Account balance

You can check your account balance in your internet bank, mobile application and ATM network.
Also, you can check your account balance by logging in to your Internet bank and selecting Accounts/Cards → Accounts → Balances. If you have more than one account, you can see balances sorted out by your accounts.

Banking packages

You can order or change your package of services by logging in to your Internet bank and in the menu on the left selecting Accounts/Cards → Banking packages → Order and view. Mark the changes you want to make and confirm them.

More information about our Daily banking packages can be found here.


If you want to apply for lending, you can do it by logging in to your Internet bank and selecting 'Applications' > 'New application' > choose document groups 'Loans'.
If you are not a client of Luminor, but you want to apply for a loan, you can do so on our website, selecting 'Loans' on the top menu and the type of loan you are interested in:

Savings and investments

To open a deposit accounts, Luminor clients have to log in to Internet bank and select Saving and Investment → Saving → New deposit. Once the window opens, click Create new deposit agreement, enter all requested data and credit the deposit. You can also cancel deposit on Internet bank.
You can become Luminor Investor customer here.


You can apply for online 3rd Pension Pillar consultation by filling in the application on our webpage. If you are using Luminor 3rd Pillar Pension plans already, you can see your current saving status in your internet bank.
You can apply and change your 2nd Pension Pillar plan on our website.

Internet bank and mobile application

Most activities related to payments, accounts, deposits and lendings can be done via our internet bank.

Our mobile application can be downloaded here.

Customer support