Term deposit

A term deposit is a saving instrument whereby the agreed interest is received at the end of a selected term.

Why choose Luminor term deposit?

  • Receive a fixed interest rate over an agreed period.
  • Open a deposit in EUR, USD, NOK or GBP.
  • Luminor internet bank lets you open a term deposit for your business whenever you desire.

How to open your term deposit

Open a term deposit online

You can also open a deposit at the Luminor customer service center or call +370 5 239 3444

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You will need the following documents

  • Personal ID of the head of the company or the power of attorney document

Safe way to keep funds – in just a few clicks

Deposits are secured by the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Republic of Estonia’s law on deposit insurance and insurance of liabilities to investors.

Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions and the cases in which deposits are not covered and the payout limits apply to them is available on the website of the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” Deposit and Investment Insurance tf.ee

Terms of the Insurance

Currency risk alert: if a term deposit is held in US dollars, Norwegian kroner, or GB pounds, due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates you may incur a loss.