Card Payment Acceptance Service

Card payment acceptance service is the fast, secure and convenient way for your customers to pay and your business to grow. What’s more, from now on you’ll be able to use a POS terminal that is helpful if you are not fixed in one place but move selling your goods and services across different points of sale.

Why choose card payment acceptance service?

  • Minimise costs on cash management
  • Reduce the risk of cash theft
  • Clients find this very popular method of payment by card
  • We will help you find the most suitable solution for your business or specific point of sale (POS)

How do I get card payment acceptance service?

Choose the plan that suits you best, fill out an application and read the terms and conditions. Let’s make a deal

Apply. Complete the application form and read the agreement

Ready to serve. After you agree to and sign the agreement there are just a few more steps for us to get you started:

- Establish the required communications at point of sale – internet connection, power supply

- We will arrange service implementation at the point of sale

- Our consultant will train your employees to use the equipment and initiate payment transactions

Ready to go. Once you are set up you can offer the service to your customers.

The safe and simple way for customers to pay

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