Comparison of banking packages

  Business package S Business package M Business package L
Standard pricing 6 EUR/mo. 10 EUR/mo.  18 EUR/mo.
Euro payments to Luminor Lithuania and other banks (1) 10 25 60
Business debit card maintenance fee 1 card 2 cards 2 cards
E-Commerce Gateway maintenance fee (2) + + +
Number of accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of internet bank users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Smart-ID + + +

(1) Payments to other's accounts within Luminor Lithuania and payments to Single Euro Payments Area member states.
(2) E-commerce Gateway is without monthly maintenance, transaction fees
(3) New Customer Program is applicable to all new business customers registered in Lithuania (except for financial institutions) and applies for first 12 months after joining Luminor. Program includes a package chosen by the customer and a card payment terminal without monthly fee till the end of new customer program.

Financial institutions are considered to be banks, credit unions and other credit institutions, payment institutions, electronic money institutions, insurance companies and insurance brokers, financial brokerage companies, investment companies, collective investment undertakings, including without limitation, pension funds, etc.

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