Save money and time. Luminor Internet bank is available 24/7, works fast and offers many services cheaper than in customer service centers. Make business transactions anytime and anywhere!

Why choose internet bank?

Easy to manage accounts and transfers

  • Manage accounts of several natural or legal persons
  • View account balances
  • Access, print or download account statements as a file (*.pdf, *.csv)
  • Transfers in euros and other currencies
  • Pay utility service fees
  • Pay for goods or services purchased at electronic stores
  • Set a periodic payment in euro currency

Filling-out applications and agreements

  • Order e.invoices
  • Place a deposit
  • Access the information on your current loans, deposits, leasing, or e.invoice agreements or securities
  • Submit applications for consumer loan, leasing
  • Fill in an application for a payment card

Fast and secure access to other systems

  • STI declaration system (EDS), “Mano VMI” STI self-service website, and “Sodra” website
  • The service system of the SE Centre of Registers (SSCR)
  • “E-Government Gateway” (EGG) public electronic services portal
  • Self-service websites of insurance companies ERGO, IF.
  • "Mano creditinfo" system

Internet bank and mobile bank authentication tools


  • Simple and secure way to authenticate yourself online 
  • You can use it with your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • It is for free

Code generator

  • Secure way to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Price – according to the price list


  • Tool to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Price - according to mobile operator rates

E. signature

  • Usable with Internet Bank only
  • Electronic equivalent of regular signature and personal ID document
  • Enables to sign payment orders, confirm agreements and other documents
  • Price - according to the fees of issuing institution

Simple steps to get Luminor internet bank


Visit us

Please book an appointment in advance by calling +370 5 239 3444 or 1608 and visit us in a Customer service center – we look forward to seeing the manager or his authorized person


Choose tool

Choose a suitable tool of authentication


Sign the agreement

Conclude the agreement and appreciate the benefits of Internet Banking


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Save time with internet bank

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