An effective tool for the management of large companies’ money matters.

Manage all of your companies’ bank accounts with just one user name!

Bridge makes it even more convenient to:

  • make internal, domestic and international payments
  • make salary payments
  • import payments in XML format (PAIN.001.001.03)
  • gain an overview of the situation in your companies (if you have ordered the group account function)
  • generate group account reports (PDF or CSV)
  • generate turnover reports (PDF or CSV)
  • obtain end-of-day account statements (PDF, CSV or XML)
  • search for transactions (offering a variety of ways to do so)
  • establish individual rights and limits for each user
  • grant rights of approval (individual or in pairs)

Useful links

Using Bridge system safely
Instructions for exporting Electronic Banking System data into Bridge
Registration methods for Smart-ID
Digital key

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