EIB‑supported financing

EIB‑supported financing

EIB‑supported financing

Support for small and medium‑sized businesses


  • In cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB) we support small and medium-sized businesses by providing financing at a reduced interest rate.
  • EIB is the long‑term lending institution of the European Union owned by its Member States. The EIB is strengthening its support for Europe’s small and medium‑sized businesses by helping this important sector access financing. Extensive information related to the EIB Group support can be found on the EIB website.
Such support is limited in time and quantity, and we may terminate and refuse to make any further offers of such financing at any time as soon as any of these conditions occur.
Such support is not generally available at this time

For investment projects
For the purchase of vehicles, machinery and equipment

Loan and leasing term starting from 2 years

For projects up to € 25 million with EIB’s support up to € 12.5 million of loan amount

EIB-supported financing applicable for:

  • Companies operating in the Baltics;
  • Companies with less than 3,000 employees (including employees working in related group companies) before issuing the financing;
  • Most economic sectors and activities are eligible with a few exceptions, amongst which are the production of weapons and ammunition, explosives, equipment or infrastructures specifically designed for military use, and equipment or infrastructure which result in limiting people’s individual rights and freedom, activities that give rise to environmental impacts that are not primarily mitigated and/or compensated, activities considered ethically or morally controversial (sex trade and related infrastructure, services and media, animal testing, research on human cloning), activities prohibited by national legislation (Genetically Modified Organisms, nuclear energy, etc.) gambling, tobacco-related industries, pure property speculation, pure financial transactions, and consumer finance.

Eligibility for financing availability is assessed on an individual basis

EIB-supported financing can be used for:

  • Tangible investments: purchase, renovation, or extension of tangible assets, with some restrictions concerning land purchases;
  • Intangible investments: particularly the expenditure involved in R&D, purchase of process licenses and software, generation change enterprise transmission, in order to safeguard economic activity (cost of not more than €5 million).

In the case of financing supported by EIB customer accepts that: 

  • Customer comply in all respects with EU and national laws and regulations concerning the protection of the environment, energy saving, health, social well‑being, and safety;
  • Upon reasonable notice, the customer permits the EIB representatives to visit and inspect all sites, installations, and works that comprise the project which is the subject of the financing;
  • We may provide any information about the customer’s business to the EIB.