EIB supported financing

In cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB) we are supporting small and medium‑sized businesses by providing access to source of lower cost financing.

EIB is the long‑term lending institution of the European Union owned by its Member States. The EIB is strengthening its support for Europe’s small and medium‑sized businesses by helping this important sector to access financing. Extensive information related to the EIB Group support can be found on the EIB website eib.org.

Lower interest rate for loans, starting from 10000 euros
Lower interest rate for leasing financing, starting from 8000 euros

For investments and working capital
For the purchase of vehicles, machinery and equipment

Investment loan and leasing term starting from 2 years
Working capital financing from 1 year with intention to prolong it to 2 and more years

For projects up to € 25 million with EIB’s support up to € 12.5 million of loan amount

Who can apply for an EIB supported financing?

What can an EIB supported financing be used for?

Applying for financing supported by the EIB you accept that:

Does your business qualify for financing supported by the EIB?