You can use Bridge with the following browsers

You can use Bridge with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: version 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox: newest version
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Using Bridge is simple and secure

Bridge users are identified through their user ID and PIN1 of their Smart-ID or Mobile-ID. Payments are confirmed using PIN2 of the Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

Session protection

  • The connection in Bridge is protected with the SSL security protocol. The SSL protocol encrypts the data exchange and the bank identifies customers through their Bridge codes (PIN1 of Mobile-ID or Smart-ID). Additionally, cookies are used to define a session.
  • The SSL security protocol is an encryption technology supported by internet browsers. When SSL encryption is activated in Explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome, a padlock icon will appear in the address bar. If you click on the padlock icon you can view the bank’s security certificate. A secure connection begins with the characters “https://” in the text field of the address bar. If the website address begins with “http://”, the connection is not secured.
  • For security reasons, the duration of the connection with the bank is monitored. The maximum duration of one session is two hours. If Bridge service has been idle for 15 minutes, the session will automatically expire and you will need to log in again to access the service.

Guidelines to retain Bridge service security features

To prevent unauthorised use of the service and any damage it may cause, we ask you to follow these requirements:

  • Keep your user ID, Smart-ID and Mobile-ID codes where nobody else can access it, not even members of your family. If you would like to authorise another person to handle your finances, you need to designate that person as a user of the service.
  • Do not record security information for other people in a way that can be identified. The bank strongly recommends that you memorise your user ID.

Disconnecting from the Bridge session

Do not close your browser window without first logging off from the Bridge system. The login session will end when you click "Log out" in the Bridge window of your browser.