Business packages
Business package SBusiness package MBusiness package L
Monthly fee€6€12€18
Euro payments in Internet bank (1)10 payments free of charge25 payments free of charge60 payments free of charge
Business debit card maintenance feeOne card free of chargeTwo cards free of chargeTwo cards free of charge
Unlimited number of current accountsFreeFreeFree
Unlimited number of Internet bank usersFreeFreeFree

Monthly Business Package fee is charged from your selected account within the first 5 (five) workdays of the current month.

(1) Payments to other's accounts within Luminor Lithuania; payments to Single Euro Payments Area member states; one-time payment of e-invoice; payment for services; to beneficiary’s account against payment order for goods / services given via e-commerce system within bank; standing order payments to other beneficiary’s account within bank; standing order payments to beneficiary’s account at other banks registered in Lithuania.

More information about Business packages can be found here.