Cash Pooling Solutions

Cash Pooling Solutions

Cash Pooling Solutions

Cash pooling services enable associated companies to ensure more efficient cash flow management, and more flexible management and forecasting of the demand for current assets.

Why choose Cash Pooling Solutions?

  • Less need for external fund borrowing
  • Flexible, easy, and quick way to borrow within the group.
  • Higher interest income or lower interest expenses.
  • Centrally managed information on all group’s liquidity.
  • Fast and clear installation process.

How can I apply for cash pooling service?

Fill in the request form, call us at +370 5 239 3444 or e‑mail us at

Receive personalized proposal. We will offer a suitable cash pooling structure according to the needs and nature of activities of a particular group of companies

Sign an agreement. We will agree on the terms and conditions and sign the agreement

Service implementation. We will carry out technical configurations in the bank's systems

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