Why choose Smart‑ID?

  • Easy to use – only two PIN codes are needed. The one for login and the other for confirming operations
  • Only smartphone and internet connection is needed
  • Download and use is free of charge
  • Safe and secure – secret PIN codes created by you and your personal smartphone is used

Security comes first

  • Generate and remember Smart‑ID PIN codes! Your Smart‑ID PIN codes are not maintained in the bank’s system and you are the only one to know them.
  • Do not disclose your Smart‑ID PIN codes to anybody! Remember that the bank will never ask you for it.


  • Enter PIN codes in your Smart‑ID application only in case you have initiated the transaction, which needs approval
  • Prior to the transaction make sure that the control code in your Smart‑ID application tallies with the transaction control code you want to confirm!

How to get a Smart-ID account?

How to log in to Luminor|DNB Internet or mobile bank by Smart ID after data migration?

How to create Smart-ID account?


Download Smart-ID app



Create your Smart‑ID account using the selected method of identification


Log in and use

Log in to Luminor | DNB Internet Bank or Mobile Bank and select the login method – Smart‑ID.
Use one of the easiest, fastest and safest ways to authenticate yourself online


Not our customer yet?

Become a customer!

Keep your current authentication methods!

  • In case you lose or delete Smart-ID app you will be able to register it again only by using your current authentication tools


As of 2019 09 11 is completely discontinued an opportunity to log in and make payments to Luminor|DNB Internet bank or mobile bank. If you haven't changed your code cards into other authentication tools, please visit Luminor Customer Service Center. Authentication tools are given only at Customer Service Centers.

More information about code cards closure you can find here.

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Smart-ID customer service

+370 670 41 807