Salary Payment

Goodbye, monthly routine! Salary payment lets you pay employees in just a few clicks.

Why choose salary payment?

  • Save time and money in just a few clicks by making all employee salary transfers in one easy payment
  • Simply prepare one list of transfers only and re-use or amend it whenever you want
  • It is easy to import salary payment data from your accounting system to internet bank
  • Salary payment transfers within Luminor are free
  • It’s secure and confidential. Only assigned users can connect to this service
  • You and your employees will receive favorable banking conditions

The easy way to start using Luminor salary payment service


Contact us

Call +370 5 239 3444 and order the service


Start using

Till the end of the next working day in your internet bank, section “Payments”, will appear function “Salary payment”.


Transfer salary data from your accounting system

To import data from your accounting system, choose “Salary payment import” (in section “Payments” → “Other”)


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The simple way to pay employees in just a few clicks

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