Standing Order

You will not forget to pay for even if you want to. Your regular payments will be provided by Luminor.

Why choose standing order?

  • Your transfers in euros will be made automatically on selected days of the month.
  • It’s time saving – no need to wait in a queue or spend time to make an online transfer.
  • You can always view your executed standing orders.
  • Standing order service can be cancelled or changed at any time.

Additional benefits in a branch:

  • Set up every day or every week payments.
  • Set up a remainder of the account balance available on the day of transfer.
  • Set up a transfer in the amount above the limit on the day of transfer.

Set up a standing order is easy

Complete the form. You will find the option Periodicity in the menu section Payments → Payments → Transfer in euros. You can indicate the frequency of your standing order payments. If you need more settings, please visit the nearest Luminor branch

Confirm and use it! The only thing to be taken care of is – to ensure the required amount in the account on the selected day

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