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Working capital financing

Give your company the muscle to shine. Working capital financing will help your business run and grow smoothly

Why choose working capital loan?

How to apply for working capital loan?


Submit documents

Complete the credit application form and provide the required documents


Wait for an answer

We will assess your working capital financing application and let you know how much you can borrow


Sign the agreement

Sign the contract. Most likely you will be asked to pledge and insure your estate


Loan in 5 days

The money will be transferred to your account within 5 days after you fulfill all contract requirements

You will need the following documents

  • Completed application form
  • Financial statements from the last two years. Please include balance, profit-loss statement and cash-flow statement if you are drafting this
  • Company’s certification/extract from Center of Registers
  • Company regulations and establishment documents
  • ID or passport of the company manager and the official company documents proving the appointment
  • The official company management resolution empowering the manager to apply for credit from a bank
  • You may also be requested to provide additional details and/or documents

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Keep your business running smoothly, all year round

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