Luminor Webservice

Successful business is always one step ahead. Connect your accounting system to the bank’s IT system and conduct all your operations in a faster and more convenient manner even if you are not connected to internet bank.

Luminor Webservice is a very convenient solution for companies that need to know about incoming payments immediately and that need to make a number of payment orders in a short period of time.

Why is it worth choosing?

  • You will receive all the latest information about funds deposited or withdrawn from your account as soon as the transaction is made.
  • You will automatically and in an instant be able to exchange data with the bank.
  • You will be able to administer all incoming and outgoing payment order transactions in your company’s account in a convenient manner.
  • You will be able to make payment orders, sell or buy currency, check the balances of your accounts and receive reports for any period.
  • The service is provided by means of reports sent by your business and bank systems which will meet the international standard of financial messaging ISO20022.

How to start using Luminor Webservice?

Contast us. Call us +370 5 239 3444

Familiarise yourself with our requirements. Our consultant will forward you a contract, an application for data exchange with the bank and technical requirements for your system.

Sign a contract. Read the contracts carefully and sign them.

Prepare. Set up your system in accordance with the requirements. We will test the exchange of data between your system and our system together.

Start using! If your system passes all the tests, you will be able to start using Luminor Webservice.

Handle your company’s finances even faster

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