Transfers in Other Currency

In a world without walls money travels easily to a variety of countries even in foreign currencies. Luminor transfers in other currencies are simple, reliable and with a good price.

Why choose transfers in other currency?

  • You will be able to make a transfer to any bank in the world
  • Transfers can be made in various foreign currencies
  • Extra urgent (express) transfers in foreign currency will reach the recipient on the same day

Currency Holidays

Transferring in other currency is easy

Log in. Connect to your internet bank

Complete the form. If you are a Luminor customer, in the menu section Payments → Payments choose Transfer in other currency

Confirm. Check and confirm the transfer

What should transfers in other currency considered to be?

  • Transfers in other currencies within the bank
  • Transfers in other currency to the banks registered in Lithuania and EEA countries
  • Transfers in euro and other currencies to the banks registered in non-EEA countries

Try the fastness of our transfers in foreign currency

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Luminor does not execute any payment operations, if any one of the parties in the transaction are under national and international sanctions.
Read more about the prevention of money laundering.