Your company’s account details will remain unchanged.

It doesn’t matter if you are DNB or Nordea – in Luminor your company’s account details and other information will remain the same.

No changes to debit and credit cards.

In Luminor you can keep using your DNB or Nordea debit and credit cards. We will soon start offering new Luminor designed payment cards.

Both ATM networks – with the same conditions.

You can now use both ex-DNB and ex-Nordea ATMs with the same conditions and with no additional withdrawal fees.

You can still use your Internet bank.

Building a common IT platform for Luminor will take some time, so until then you can continue to use your DNB and Nordea Internet banking solutions.

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Other branches – for both new and loyal customers.

Other branches will keep serving their loyal customers, as well as the new customers of Luminor.

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Majority of channels will remain unchanged.

Luminor will continue offering individual relationship manager advice and the existing services of the corporate Internetbank.

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Dual branches – for your convenience.

In order to ensure high-quality customer service, we have established several dual branches at which both DNB and Nordea customers and new Luminor customers will be served. 

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Quick, professional support online.

We have improved our call centre services. Contact us by calling or e-mailing using our contact details here.

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Unchanged formats for payment data.

Luminor will maintain all existing formats – ISO20022, Fidavista and MT.

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