How to make something your customer
would pay for

We have all heard the scary stories about the 80 (90, 95, …) per cent of new entrepreneurs failing within the first few years. Many of young business enthusiasts are discouraged by this fact, so well known and much repeated in business schools, while the reasons of such high probability of failure (as well as the ways to avoid it) often remain mysterious.

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8 tips on branding your starting business

No matter how big or small you are – branding is very important, if not even essential, for your business. All companies aspire to have a strong brand that is much more than just a logo – a strong identity that speaks to the customers and reaches their hearts is the ultimate dream of any business owner. But how to get there?
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First steps of marketing

If you’re a starting entrepreneur, it’s important to know what and when to do to reach your customers. How to grow? How to be more successful? Keep in mind, that there is no one-size fits all dress in this topic, it’s all a matter of practice, failing and learning.
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