Accumulation account

Set up a company and open an accumulation account for forming authorised capital. After the company is set up, accumulation account will be rearranged to current account.

Why choose Luminor accumulation account?

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Without bureaucracy

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Necessary documents

  • Legal Entity Questionnaire
  • An agreement/deed on establishment and/or a copy thereof (if the company is established electronically, the bank employee has the possibility to view the agreement/deed on establishment on the internet)
  • An authorization to open an accumulation account where it is not provided in the agreement/deed on establishment.
  • Legal Entity Questionnaire

Manage your business finances with ease!

Copies of documents submitted to the bank must be approved by a notary of the Republic of Lithuania. If you are contacting the bank as an authorised person for opening an account for a legal person, but the example of the manager’s signature of the legal person has not yet been confirmed, you must submit a notarised power of attorney signed by the manager of the legal person.
Submitted documents must be legalised or apostilled or certified by a respective officer/institution subject to concluded international contracts, accompanied by an official translation into the Lithuanian language.