Deposit account

Deposit account is a bank account used for depositing funds of third parties (funds that do not belong to the owner of the account) and managing them under the trust granted to the owner of the account by third parties. Customer shall be entitled to use the account only for the purpose indicated in the deposit account agreement

The following persons and institutions can open a deposit account:

  • Lawyers, notaries public, bailiffs
  • Credit institutions
  • Prosecution services, courts
  • Financial brokerage companies
  • Companies holding a payment institution licence

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Copies of documents submitted to the bank must be approved by a notary of the Republic of Lithuania.
If you are contacting the bank as an authorised person for opening an account for a legal person, but the example of the manager’s signature of the legal person has not yet been confirmed, you must submit a notarised power of attorney signed by the manager of the legal person.
Submitted documents must be legalised or apostilled or certified by a respective officer/institution subject to concluded international contracts, accompanied by an official translation into the Lithuanian language.