Account opening
Account opening:
Lithuanian residentsFree
Luminor Group customer, non-Lithuanian resident (1)€100
Non-resident of Lithuania, registered in the EEA Upon individual agreement, min. €1000
Non-resident of Lithuania, registered outside the EEAUpon individual agreement, min. €1000
Initial inspection of documents submitted by electronic money institutions, payment institutions and banks/ trust account opening (2)(6) Upon individual agreement, min. €1000
Verification of non-EU resident shareholder (2) (3)€500
Account opening in Luminor group banks abroad (1) (4)According to the agreement, min. €300
Last account closing (5)€10

(1) Luminor group banks: Luminor Bank AS, Latvia Branch; Luminor Bank AS, Estonia.
(2) Fees are paid upfront and are non-refundable
(3) The fee is charged to legal entities registered with the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania whose at least one shareholder is non-EU resident and is holding at least 25 per cent of the assets/shares/voting rights and such fee is paid before the verification and before making the decision on whether or not the business relations should be started/continued.
(4) This service is only available to Luminor Bank AS Lithuania Branch customers
(5) Not applicable if the customer has been holding an account with the bank for more than 6 months.
(6) The fee is applied only in case there is a request to open first trust account.

More information about Account opening can be found here.

Account maintenance
Account maintenance monthly fee€3.50
Additional maintaining the account monthly fee for:
- Non-resident of Lithuania, registered in the EEA (except Luminor Group customer, non-Lithuanian resident)€60
- Non-resident of Lithuania, registered outside the EEA€60
- Lithuanian resident with at least one direct shareholder (6) non-EEA resident €60
Trust account(s) monthly fee for electronic money institutions, payment institutions and banks (1)€500
Account balance fee (2):
for financial institutions (3) if the total balance exceeds: EUR 0; SEK 0; DKK 0; CHF 0; JPY 0; CZK 0.(Central Bank annual interest rate (4) minus 0.3% point) /360
for other legal entities if the Bank notifies the customer individually 15 calendar days in advance and the total balance exceeds: EUR 500 000; SEK 5 000 000; DKK 3 750 000; CHF 500 000; JPY 65 000 000; CZK 12 500 000.(Central Bank annual interest rate (4) minus 0.1% point)/360
at the Customer Service Centervia Internet bank
Escrow accountsAccording to the agreement, at least 0.15% from the amount, at least €1000-
Change of Escrow account agreementAccording to the agreement, at least €100-
Changing, appointing or removing a representative of company (5)€15 Free
Registration of entity’s legal status and assigning a bankruptcy administrator to manage the account€15 €15
Interest for overdrawing the account18% -

(1) The fee is applied in addition to Account maintenance monthly fee.
(2) The fee is calculated at the end of each day and is applicable if, at the time of calculation, the total balance of all accounts of one customer in the same currency exceeds the total balance in the respective currency indicated above. The fee is calculated by multiplying the total balance by the absolute value (i.e., module) of the respective fee indicated above. The fee does not apply if the Central Bank annual interest rate becomes positive or zero (for financial institutions – if the Central Bank annual interest rate is equal to or exceeds 0.3%). The fee is debited from the account latest by the 10th day of the following calendar month.
(3) Financial institutions are entities (including branches, representatives offices etc.) which provide financial services, including but not limited to: credit institutions, credit unions, credit providers and intermediaries, payment institutions, electronic money institutions, other payment service providers, insurance, re-insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, financial brokerage companies, investment management and brokerage companies, collective investment undertakings and asset management companies (including pension funds), companies carrying out the buying and selling of the foreign currency cash, providers of financial leasing or consumer credit services, crowdfunding companies, loan (e.g. peer-to-peer lending) marketplaces.
(4) The Central Bank annual interest rate is the annual interest rate set by the central bank for the respective currency:
• for EUR currency - ECB deposit facility rate;
• for SEK currency - Sveriges Riksbank repo rate;
• for DKK currency - Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of deposit rate;
• for CHF currency - Swiss National Bank negative interest rate;
• for JPY currency - Bank of Japan complementary deposit facility rate;
• for CZK currency - Czech National Bank deposit facility rate.
(5) The fee is charged At the Customer Service Center in case of changing / appointing / cancelling the persons authorized to manage the bank account(-s). This fee is not charged in case of changing a legal entity’s executive officer or appointing a bankruptcy administrator.
(6) Direct shareholder is considered to be a person (legal entity or natural person) directly holding >25% shares of the legal entity.

Statements of account
at the Customer Service Centervia Internet bank
Issuing of account statements for period indicated by a customer€5 per month (max 60 EUR)For up to 3 years period - free of charge, for more than 3 years period - €10 per each request
Mailing of account statements by regular post in Lithuania or to foreign countries€5-