Investment Loan for Farmers

Increase your farm capacity through long-term investment financing.

Why choose Investment Loan for Farmers?

  • Develop smooth growth for your farm with favorable conditions for farmers
  • Flexible financing conditions and the possibility to finance several stages of investments
  • Clear and fixed conditions up to 25 years


  • Up to 25 years for agricultural land plot acquisition projects
  • Minimum loan amount is EUR 10,000
  • Maximum amount up to 80 % of total project costs in the case of land acquisition
  • Suitable collateral includes a pledge on real estate or farmland, or guarantees.
  • A specific schedule might be set (quarterly or annually)

How can you obtain an Investment Loan for Farmers?

Prepare your business plan. Prepare a business plan outlining your development goals, the required resources and current projects and payment dates

Submit documents. Complete the application form and provide the necessary documents

Wait for an answer. We will assess your application and contact you with our decision and details on how much we can lend you

Sign the agreement. Agree to and sign the loan contract. We may ask you to pledge and insure your property

Money disbursement. The money will be transferred to account

You will need the following documents

  • Completed application form
  • Financial accounts from the last two years. Please include balance, profit-loss statement and cash-flow statement if you are drafting this
  • Documents which grant you the right to use the land (certificate of ownership, lease agreement or crop declarations)
  • You may also be requested to provide additional details and/or documents

You can develop a thriving and successful farm business