Supplementary pension schemes to employees

Supplementary pension schemes to employees

Supplementary pension schemes to employees

Are you motivating your employees?


  • The employer's financial incentives for pension is a financially attractive and popular way to motivate employees
  • A voluntary retirement savings program benefits employees and increases their income at the same or lower cost to the company.
Important: Accumulation in pension funds is subject to investment risk, which means that the value of the investment may rise and fall, may recover less money than you have invested. If foreign currency is invested in financial instruments, exchange rate changes may affect the return on investment. Luminor investment management company does not guarantee return on investment, pension fund profitability or annuity payments. Past performance of pension funds does not guarantee future results. Before making a decision on accumulating an additional pension in Luminor pension funds, familiarize yourself with the pension fund rules, deductions, investment strategy and risk factors. Pension funds are managed by UAB “Luminor investicijų valdymas”, registration code 226299280.
Please be informed that Luminor pensija darbuotojui 1 plius and Luminor pensija darbuotojui 2 plius supplementary voluntary pension funds will be merged to Luminor pensija 2 plius supplementary voluntary pension fund from 25 November 2022. Therefore, in the period of 18th November 2022 - 25 November 2022 (inclusive), there will be no new payments accepted to the Luminor pensija darbuotojui 1 plius and Luminor pensija darbuotojui 2 plius pension funds that will be closed after the merger, as well as withdrawals from these accounts will not be possible, issuance and / or redemption (conversion) of units will not be made. Also, operations for changing pension funds within the company or transferring from / to another company, new agreements conclusion or termination of existing agreements, including inheritance cases processing will not be possible. More information about the merger of funds can be found here.

72 %
of employers claim long-term retirement savings boost employee loyalty*

53 %
of employees who do not save for supplementary pension yet, would consider to start saving if their employer contributed similar amount**

41 %
of customers choose Luminor III pillar pension funds in the market.*** Employees of over 350 companies entrusted their pension to us

Ideas on how to use it in your business

  • When you want to motivate all employees
  • When you want to give extra motivation to certain employees
  • When you are going to raise wages, it is the employee's choice to spend money on retirement savings

Encourage an employee to spend 68 % more by spending the same amount – 102 euros

The employer allocates €100 “before taxes” to motivate an employee and gives a choice of motivation – payout or long term retirement savings

Salary increase after taxes 60.5 euros
Occupational retirement in favour of an employee 101.5 euros*


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The financial benefit is due to the fact that contributions to pension funds are exempt from taxes, which are used as an incentive for the employer to encourage employee loyalty and to contribute to the employee's long-term accumulation. These tax benefits are valid provided that the contribution to the pension fund does not exceed 25% of the employee's estimated employment income. The calculations do not take into account the effect of the amount of non-taxable income. Calculations are based on tax rates effective from 2019.
Smart decisions

Smart decisions

We chose only socially responsible business for our investments. Luminor is the third‑largest provider of financial services in the Baltics, with some 900 000 clients. In the Baltic region, it has a market share of 16.1% in deposits and 17.2% in lending as at the end of December 2020. Take a look >>

First in Lithuania

First in Lithuania

Offer 3rd pillar pension fund with investments to sustainable index funds with the high level of ESG standard*

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

Different management fees according to different fund types and risk levels**

Motivate your employees - it is good for you


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