Fund name Installment fee from transfer Annual management fee
Luminor pensija darbuotojui 1 plius not applicable 0.8 %
Luminor pensija darbuotojui 2 plius
Luminor pensija 1 plius 0.65 %
Luminor pensija 2 plius 1 %
Luminor pensija 3 plius
Luminor tvari ateitis Index - 0.4 %

Other Fees

Depository fee 0.07%
Transfer to another Luminor pension fund Free of charge
Transfer to another company pension fund Free of charge
Ongoing fee (until minimum retirement age): 
Luminor pensija 1 plius, Luminor pensija 2 plius, Luminor pensija 3 plius, Luminor tvari ateitis Index
1 %
Ongoing fee (after minimum retirement age) Free of charge
Other actual expenses are covered by pension assets - currency exchange, money transfer, remuneration of intermediaries for securities trading, audit and other expenses. The total maximum amount of the listed expenses may not exceed 0.5% in one financial year of the net asset value of the pension fund.