Now is the time to start saving for the future – it’s really easy with Luminor supplementary pension. Do it until the end of the year to benefit from the PIT relief granted by the state in the next year already!*

*Possibility every year to get a refund of 20 % of the amount of personal income taxes paid per annum (if the paid amount is not in excess of 25 % of annual income, or EUR 1,500). Pension savings may be withdrawn from III pillar pension fund free of charge if these conditions are met:
♦ the minimum retirement age (5 years shorter than Sodra old-age pension age) is reached and
♦ 5 years have passed from making a first contribution to III pillar pension fund

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Important! Investing is related to risk. Find out more about the investment risks at the bottom of the page.

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Accumulation in pension funds is subject to investment risk, which means that the value of the investment may rise and fall, you may recover less money than you have invested. If foreign currency is invested in financial instruments, exchange rate changes may affect the return on investment. Luminor investment management company does not guarantee return on investment, pension fund profitability or annuity payments. Past performance of pension funds does not guarantee future results. Before making a decision on accumulating an supplementary pension in Luminor pension funds, familiarize yourself with the pension fund rules, deductions, investment strategy and risk factors. Pension funds are managed by LLC “Luminor Asset Management”.