Contribute in wind, it's always there!

Contribute in wind, it's always there!

Explore the modern options for your 3rd pension pillar savings


  • Invest in your 3rd pension pillar now!
  • Receive 20 % tax relief every year
  • New! 3rd pillar Pension fund Luminor Sustainable Future Index

20 % PIT (personal income tax) reduction per year from the contributions paid*

We hold the leader's position in the supplementary pension saving field – 49 % of all savers choose Luminor**

Accumulated assets are inherited

Solid long-term investment results – for example, Luminor pension 3 plus generated the return of 8.08 % on average in the last 5 years***

Choose a more sustainable way of saving for pension

Chose the most suitable savings strategy for you

Age of saver Proportion of shares* Pension plan / strategy **
18-49 years Up to 100 % Luminor Sustainable Future Index
18-49 years Up to 100 % Luminor pension 3 plus
50-59 years Up to 50 % Luminor pension 2 plus
Older than 60 years No investment into shares Luminor pension 1 plus

* Proportion of shares – the maximum limit for investing pension plan funds in equity securities – company stock and other similar types of investments.
** You can choose to make contributions to one or more pension plans depending on your investment maturity and the most suitable proportion of shares.

Choose a pension fund:

Luminor pension 1 plus

  • No investment into shares
  • Low risk fund
  • Suitable for savers that are older than 60y

Created for savers looking for maximum preservation of their property value, however with potentially lower return.

Luminor pension 2 plus

  • Maximum 50 % of assets can be invested on stock markets.  
  • Medium risk fund.
  • Suitable for 50y-59y savers

Created for savers looking for the balance combination of return and risk.

Luminor pension 3 plus

  • Up to 100 % of assets can be invested on stock markets.
  • High risk fund.
  • Suitable for 18y-49y savers

Created for savers looking for potentially higher return in long-term perspective and assuming big fluctuations in value.

Luminor Sustainable Future Index

  • Fund is a high-risk fund with up to 100 percent assets can be invested in stock markets.
  • The global direction of the equities has been chosen, the long-term return of which is more stable compared to the return of funds established on a sectoral or regional basis.
  • Suitable for 18y-49y savers who seek high ESG* standards for their pension savings

Created for savers looking for potentially higher return in long-term perspective and assuming big fluctuations in value.

* Pension fund invests its assets only in equity index funds that in invest in companies with higher-than-average scores in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings, exclude companies that are involved in business activities associated with negative environmental or social impact. In addition, investments in fossil fuel sector and companies involved in controversial activities are excluded or as a minimum significantly reduced. By applying exclusion criteria and investing only in companies with strong ESG ratings pension plan investments constitute only the best 25% of broad market universe in terms of ESG performance. ESG rating is designed to measure a company’s resilience to long-term, industry material ESG risks. Rules-based methodology is used to identify industry leaders and laggards according to their exposure to ESG risks and how well they manage those risks relative to peers (source:

Luminor pension funds

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