On November 1 of this year, we’re introducing changes to the Price List of Luminor services and Payment Services Rules.

The Price List review is a regular process that keeps us aligned with our business strategy, market situation, and customer needs.

The Price List categories with adjustments are payment cards, payments, loans, leasing, and investments – the changes are made in response to the current economic conditions.

All changes are provided in the link below and among these changes, you will also find relevant improvements, such as:

  • Increased monthly cash withdrawal and deposit limits at Luminor, Medus, and LBA ATMs for:
    - the Luminor Black card (from EUR 600 to EUR 1,200) and
    - the Luminor Visa Infinite card (from EUR 1,000 to EUR 2,000).
  • Changing the Housing and Idea Loan monthly repayment date or repayment account and extending loan issuance (upon request of a customer) is now free of charge once every calendar year (EUR 20 as of the second change within the calendar year).

Please take the time to review:

If you agree to our proposed changes, you don't need to take any action – the changes will take effect on November 1, 2022.

If you don’t agree to the changes, you have the right to withdraw from the service contracts affected by these changes immediately, free of charge, and without penalty by notifying us in writing by 1 November 2022 and fulfilling the obligations arising from these service contracts.

Thank you for choosing Luminor!

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