Internet Bank

Save money and time. Luminor online bank is available 24/7 and offers many services cheaper than in-branch.

Why choose internet bank?

Easy to manage accounts and transfers

  • Manage accounts of several natural or legal persons
  • View account balances
  • Access, print or download account statements as a file (*.pdf, *.csv)
  • Transfers in euros and other currencies
  • Pay utility service fees
  • Pay for goods or services purchased at electronic stores
  • Set a periodic payment in euro currency

Filling-out applications and agreements

  • Order e.invoices
  • Place a deposit
  • Access the information on your current loans, deposits, leasing, or e.invoice agreements or securities
  • Submit applications for consumer loan, leasing
  • Fill in an application for a payment card

Fast and secure access to other systems

  • STI declaration system (EDS), “Mano VMI” STI self-service website, and “Sodra” website
  • The service system of the SE Centre of Registers (SSCR)
  • “E-Government Gateway” (EGG) public electronic services portal
  • Self-service websites of insurance companies ERGO, IF.
  • "Mano creditinfo" system

Internet bank and mobile bank authentication tools


  • Simple and secure way to authenticate yourself online 
  • You can use it with your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Free of charge
  • More information about Smart‑ID can be found here.

Code generator

  • Secure way to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Price – according to the price list


  • Tool to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Price - according to mobile operator rates

Security tips


Keep your login information in secret

Do not disclose your login code or poassword to anyone and keep your authentication tools safe


Login data belongs exclusively to you

Bank will never contact you by e-mail or by telephone and ask to disclose or change the internet bank or payment card passwords that are known to you only


Use only our webpage to login

Check whether the browser has a lock icon (usually it is on the right-hand side at the bottom, or on the right-hand side of the address field)


In all cases make sure you have logged off the system

Once you have finished your work, do not forget to click the “Log off” button (on the right-hand side at the top) and then close the browser

Useful links

Logging tips

Save time with internet bank

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