Save money and time. Our mobile bank app provides the opportunity to use our services very quickly, safely and simply for Apple and Android smartphone users.

Assess the benefits

Easy to manage accounts and transfers

  • Make fast and convenient payments to predefined recipients in amounts of up to EUR 300 (EUR 1,000 per day)
  • View the total balance on a single or several accounts
  • View information about your cards
  • Make transfers in euros 
  • Pay utility service fees
  • Pay for goods or services purchased at online stores
  • Send requisites
  • Create payment templates
  • Create quick payment list
  • See your latest transactions

It is safe

  • Fast access with your finger print
  • Secure protection with a 4-digit PIN code
  • Access block after 5 unsuccessful PINs
  • Access block remotely in Internetbank or by phone +370 5 239 3444 if smartphone is lost

Internet bank and mobile bank authentication tools


  • Simple and secure way to authenticate yourself online 
  • You can use it with your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Free of charge
  • More information about Smart‑ID can be found here.

Code generator

  • Secure way to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Price – according to the price list


  • Tool to log in to the internet banking, confirm bank transfers or filed applications, sign electronic documents and confirm your identity at companies providing electronic and other services.
  • You can log in to your internet banking using the Mobile signature free of charge. However, your mobile service provider may apply fees for using Mobile signature service.

It is easy to start using Mobile Banking


Download the mobile app



You can login using the same authentication methods and devices that you normally use to access private Netbank


Create PIN

Create your PIN to get a fast access to commonly used functions


Create a list

Create a list of frequently used payments to transfer them in amount of up to EUR 300 by using your PIN code


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