Car leasing

Your own car gives more freedom in your life. We’ll help you get the one you are dreaming about.

Why should you choose our leasing?

Car leasing conditions

If you buy a new car:   

If you buy a used car:

Accepted insurance companies

Insurance companies accepted by Luminor across Baltics

Luminor across Baltics accepts insurance contracts issued by following companies and their branch offices:

  • Lietuvos draudimas AB (incl. PZU Kindlustus as AB “Lietuvos draudimas “Eesti filial)
  • If P&C Insurance AS
  • ERGO Insurance SE
  • Seesam Insurance AS
  • ADB Gjensidige
  • Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB
  • AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company
  • Swedbank P&C Insurance AS

Insurance companies accepted by Luminor with conditions

Following insurance companies are accepted with conditions:

Insurance company Location/market Accepted insurance lines Max value limit (incl. VAT) for object
SALVA Estonia only All No limit
BAN Latvia only All 100 000 EUR
BALCIA Lithuania only MOD1 No limit 

It is easy to get a car!


Choose a car

Use the leasing calculator to find out your monthly installment amount


Fill out an application

Fill out the application on-line


Sign an agreement

Once you receive our reply, visit us or the car showroom to sign the agreement. We can also offer CASCO for you at the request


Enjoy your new car ride!

Make your down-payment and up-front fee payment and the car is yours. Good journey!

Do not forget the documents

  • Filled-out leasing application
  • Car dealer’s offer
  • Passport or personal identity card. If you are married, bring your spouse with you
  • If other documents are required, we will let you know

Useful links 

General Conditions of Hire Purchase Agreement
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Car dealers
Insurance requirements
Document forms
Procedure to Receive and Examine Complaints/Responses

Get your own car

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Choose the right solution for you

  Car loan Leasing
Down payment Not needed Starting from 10%
Loan amount From EUR 2000 to EUR 20000 From EUR 8000
Used car valuation - Mandatory
Interest rate Starting from 9% Starting from 1.89% 
Car age limit - Not older than 13 years at the end of the lease
KASKO insurance - Mandatory
Ownership On customers name On Luminor Lizingas name