Anti-Money Laundering

Bank is strict about anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing regulations. We seek to prevent money and other property acquisition or disguise of its source by the way of criminal acts. The compliance with the requirements for anti- money laundering and counter terrorist financing in our bank is regulated by the Procedure for Prevention on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: our employees are informed about the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing tools therefore they are being implemented properly.

 Read more about anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing in our bank.

Client’s Personal Data Privacy and Security

  • Information about client’s personal data and bank’s secrecy is secure and this information can be provided by the procedure referred by the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania. At the bank we have client’s personal data protection and regulation principles and procedures: our employees are informed about the data safety tools, therefore these tools are being implemented properly.


  • Bank has zero tolerance to corruption
  • We fight any form of corruption – giving, offering, promising, requesting,  receiving or accepting an improper advantage (even if it has no monetary value), by misusing public or private position held
  • Our anti-corruption activities refer to international and national legislation, and cover 6 principles:
  • We apply proportionate risk based anti-corruption procedures
  • Our managers take an active part in combating corruption and ensure that the highest standards were followed
  • We regularly perform corruption risk assessments, which form the basis for risk reducing measures
  • We assess our  partners and clients to ensure that bank is not involved into corruption
  • We perform trainings for our employees to ensure that they understand what corruption is and how to act in a situation involving corruption
  • We monitor and regularly review the effectiveness of anti-corruption activity, and improve our anti-corruption tools if needed
  • We believe that the gifts given or received, must be modest, inexpensive, proportional to the occasion and with no influence to the receiver
  • Business entertainment must have a business-related reason, be modest and appropriate to the positions held by employees. Bank always covers employee travel and accommodation expenses

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