Internet bank (when account no. starts with LTXX40100)
System log-inFree of charge
Account handling Via Internet bankFree of charge
Issuing of PIN code card, TAN code set*Free of charge
Replacement of a PIN code card upon losing*EUR 1.55
Every other issuance of a TAN code set*EUR 0.3
Replacement of a TAN code set upon losingEUR 1.55
Issuance or replacement of a pin calculator*EUR 15
Unlocking of a pin calculatorFree of charge
SMS messages on account changingEUR 0.12
Email messages on account changingFree of charge
Issuing of a password card*Free of charge
Replacement of a password card upon losing*EUR 1.55

Other services rendered in the Internet bank are charged based on the applicable bank fees. *Usage of code cards is not available from 10.09.2019.

Internet bank (when account no. starts with LTXX21400)
Monthly management fee for Internet bank usersFree of charge
Issuance of code generatorEUR 15
Unblocking of login code generator*Free of charge

*Unblocking of access code (password) generators is possible for three times. It is not possible to unblock access code generator after blocking it for the fourth time. In such cases new generators must be purchased.