Luminor has published its Sustainability Report 2021, reflecting the bank’s performance with regards to environmental, social and governance aspects.

Luminor Head of Sustainability Kadri Vunder explains that to contribute to sustainable development, Luminor decided to prioritize and align the activities around three of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
“These three goals focus on promoting sustainable economic growth, on climate action and on building strong institutions. Around these three themes, we have also organized our sustainability targets and report.”
Vunder says that in 2021, the bank made good progress in all main sustainability focuses of being responsible and CO2 neutral in our own operations, supporting the transition to low carbon economy and caring for issues in local societies.

“We are committed to aligning ourselves to Paris Climate Agreement and to carbon neutrality by 2050. And I am proud to also highlight that Luminor is the first in our home markets to have disclosed our financed emissions for our corporate lending portfolio”

said Vunder.

Luminor Sustainability Report is compiled in reference to the Global Reporting Initiative’s (‘GRI’) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The Non‑Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) ‘Guidelines on non‑financial reporting: Supplement on reporting climate‑related information’ has been used to prepare the climate‑related disclosures for each of the five reporting areas listed in the Estonian Accounting Act which transposes the NFRD.
Here you can find Luminor Sustainability Report 2021.

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