Kerli Gabrilovica

Kerli Gabrilovica

During 2019 Luminor will implement its customer service centres network transformation plan as part of the bank´s strategic initiative and recently announced operating model change.

The customer service centres network transformation plan will consist of consolidating certain customer service centres into nearby locations, revisiting it customer service model, strengthening the bank´s digital service offer, and introduce to customers cashless platforms and payment systems. The changes in customer service centres network will support Luminor’s endeavour to set a new customer service standard, with the primary focus on value-added consulting, by ensuring that the customer receives all necessary support until they start using remote daily financial services independently.

Customers will continue to have technology-based services, such as mobile banking, ATMs and on-line banking. In 2019 Luminor plans to renew its self-service and ATM network, will go further with building one joint ATM network for Luminor in all three countries and gradually increase remote consultations and services to reduce the physical visits in service centres.

Kerli Gabrilovica, the Head of Retail Banking of Luminor: “Following the overall industry-wide digitalization trends, the role of customer service centres of the banks continues changing. We are already seeing fewer visits in our customer service centres, as more of our customers are choosing the convenience of online and mobile banking.” According to Kerli Gabrilovica in 2018 already 80% of Luminor customers within the Baltics are using digital and remote channels daily for their everyday banking activities. “50% of our Luminor customers are already ordering their daily banking cards via post instead of going to the customer service centres to collect them. On-line payments have been increasing during the last year by 95% and 70% of our customers are comfortable with the flexible service times that they can take advantage while using our remote channels”, explained Kerli Gabrilovica.

“The customer service centres network transformation plan for 2019 will enable us to concentrate our customer service centres staff and services into locations where they are most needed and enhance the overall efficiency in the organization. The proximity of nearby customer service centres, meet-up points and ATMs enables us to make these changes to the customer service centres network while still providing customers with convenient access to banking services when they are needed.”

The customer service centres network transformation will be carried out gradually during 2019. During the transformation Luminor is investing into new design and going to launch new customer service concept in the Baltics. The new customer service concept will be remodelled and designed precisely in line with customers wishes. The new concept will offer new smart way of banking experience and the high- touch, high-tech banking experience offers quick and easy visits for customers. In the future customer service centres and meet-up points, Luminor highly experienced staff will be on-site to assist customers to adapt the new cash less approach and using more digital channels and on-line payment systems, but they will be also available for those who will need consulting for their investments, financing or savings needs.
Following the changes, Luminor will have by the end of 2019 total of 35 customer service centres and meet-up point locations in the Baltics (Estonia 8; Latvia 10; Lithuania 17).
Luminor is not planning any changes to the daily operations or client offering in relation to the customer service centres network transformation. We will inform you, if any developments including changes related to customer service centres network transformation will take place.

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