Dear Customer,

Please be informed that from 1 August Luminor|DNB and Luminor|Nordea payment services will be provided under the new Luminor Payment Service Rules (the Rules) which will be applicable to both new and existing customers.
1.   As soon as the Rules come into effect from 1 August, the following documents will no longer be valid:

2. We are changing the conditions also in view of the EU Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which is transposed into the Law on Payments of the Republic of Lithuania. The main changes in the Rules are the following:

3. We have specified other provisions of the Rules and supplemented them:

4. Also, please be informed that on 1 August new documents come into effect which will be applicable to both new and existing customers: 

5.  In view of the said changes, we made technical updates in Luminor Bank AB General Service Rules (N) – we removed the provisions related to references to the repealed Annex No 2 of the Rules.

Luminor’s new Payment Service Rules are available here

In case you disagree to the changes of the Rules, you have the right to withdraw from the payment services by 1 August without charge. Unless we receive your notification by the said date stating that you disagree to the proposed changes, we will consider that you accept these changes.

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