Effective from 2018 08 01

1. The Bank provides the security service “Safe card” (the Service) if the Customer submits an application for providing the Service (the Application).
2. The Service applies solely to valid VISA payment cards issued by the Bank.
3. The Bank charges a monthly fee for the Service (the Fee) set in the Price-list published on the Bank’s internet website www.luminor.lt.
4. The Bank charges the Fee to the Customer account linked with a payment card to which the Service is applied (the Linked Account).
5. The Customer must accumulate sufficient funds to debit the Fee in the Linked Account until the day before the last day of the current month and keep them in the Linked Account until the end of the current month.
6. Upon debiting the Fee the Bank, automatically on a monthly basis, renews the provision of the Service, unless the Customer withdraws from the Service.
7. If the Customer fails to accumulate the amount required to debit the Fee in the Linked Account, the Bank has the right to cover the Service Fee from own funds. In this case the Bank calculates the interest on a debt in the Linked Account that is equal to the interest on overdue credit limit. The interest amount is indicated in the Price-list. If the Linked Account has an insufficient balance to debit the owed Fee and the interest, the Bank has the right to terminate the Service.
8. The Service becomes valid on the day of submitting the Application if the Service is ordered at the branches and over the phone, and on the next working day if the Service is ordered via internet bank, and remains valid until it is refused or until expiry of the payment card to which the Service is applied. When the payment card is renewed with the same card number or when a new card having the same parameters, i.e. payment card type, is produced the Service is extended automatically.
9. If the payment card to which the Service is applied or the Service is refused, the Service Fee or its part is not refundable.
10. The Bank will compensate the Service users up to EUR 3,000 within one year due to unauthorised card transactions completed when a PIN is entered, within 24 hours before card blocking, provided that the conditions set out in paragraph 12 are met, for the following:
10.1. illegally used own funds;
10.2. accrued interest and fee for utilisation of a credit limit granted by the Bank due to unauthorised card transactions;
10.3. fee for card issuing in urgent procedure or fee for card replacement within the standard time limit (with free of charge card sending by mail abroad).
11. The Bank will also compensate the Service users, once during the effective period of the payment card related to the Service, the fees for replacement of a payment card ordered in standard procedure, as well as its mailing to a home address indicated by the Customer in Lithuania, if the Customer breaks or loses the payment card.
12. The Customer undertakes to:
12.1. immediately apply to the Bank for payment card blocking;
12.2. follow the General Rules on the Provision of Services of the Bank (D) and the Payment Service Rules (D).
12.3. notify the law enforcement authorities about the use of a lost or stolen card and/or about its misappropriation if the Customer failed to keep the personalised security features safe and submit the documents to evidence that to the Bank;
12.4. make sure that the Linked Account has sufficient funds to debit the Fee until the day before the last day of the current month and keep them in the Linked Account until the end of the current month.
13. The Customer can withdraw from the Service if submits an application in writing to the Bank at any of the Bank branches, by calling 1608, or by filling in a free-form application via internet bank.
14. If upon compensation of losses/production of a new card it turns out that in accordance with these Service terms and conditions such loss should not have been compensated or a lower amount should have been compensated, and/or a new payment card should not have been produced, the Customer, upon the Bank’s written demand, must return within 30 calendar days the compensated or overpaid amount of loss to the Bank, moreover, if the Bank has produced a new card – the fee for its replacement and issuing in urgent procedure, as well as the fee for its sending by mail abroad. 15. The capitalised definitions used in these Service terms and conditions have the meanings assigned to them in the Payment Service Rules of the Bank.

For further information please call 1608 or visit www.luminor.lt