Updated Luminor Payment Service Rules will enter into effect on 1 September.

The Terms and Conditions of Payment Services have been supplemented with information about the standard limits of payment operations applied to the Payment Cards (Par. 7.2.36. - 7.2.40).

Luminor has made this change due to a new Luminor pricelist from which information on the standard payment limits applicable to the Payment Cards has been removed. 

In addition, p. has been updated as follows: the online banking service will be blocked after 5 (five) unsuccessful log-in attempts using the Customer‘s identification tools granted by the Bank (i.e. Smart-ID, M. Signature or Code generator). Provision of the online banking service may be renewed by calling the number provided by the Bank or visiting the Bank‘s branch. 

This change has been made in order to comply with security requirements.

The definition of electronic signature has been adjusted by cancelling physical log-in facilities using electronic signature (implemented in a chip card, USB or another media). Customers will be able to conveniently log-in to the online banking system by means of Smart-ID, Code generator or M. signature. 

If you have any questions please contact us by writing a message on the online banking system or by calling +370 5 239 3444 or 1608.

 Payment Service Rules, effective from 2020 09 01