Incoming payments
Payments received from the Single Euro Payments Area member states in Euros (1)Free
Incoming SHA/BEN payments (2)€10
Incoming OUR payments (3)Free

(1) Payments from Single Euro Payments Area member states and compliant with SEPA requirements. Full list of countries can be found on the European Central Banks' webpage.
(2) The fee applies to incoming payments with option SHA/BEN received via SWIFT in all currencies from outside EEA and in any other currency than Euro if a payment is received from within EEA.
BEN – all fees are applied to the beneficiary.
SHA – the beneficiary pays fees of Luminor Bank and intermediary banks. Intermediary bank fees are deducted from the transferred amount.
(3) OUR – no fees are applied by Luminor Bank. However, additional charges may be deducted by intermediary banks from the transferred amount.

Terms for payments in Euros are available here.