Card issuance/renewal
Card issuance feeEUR 27
Collecting the card at the branch*EUR 5
Card sending by mail within LithuaniaFree of charge
Card sending by mail abroadEUR 6
Card administration feeEUR 27 per year
Card renewal fee**Free of charge
Card replacement***EUR 27
Card issuing in an urgent procedure (in 2 working days)EUR 25

When account no. starts with LTXX40100:
Card validity period is 3 years.
*This fee is also applied if the customer had specified to the bank that the card will be collected at the Bank’s outlet but afterwards requested to send it by mail.
**Cards are renewed if at least one card transaction was performed within the past five months before the last month of the card validity.
***The fee is applied if the card is lost, damaged, if PIN code is forgotten, if card is demagnetized, if latin letters are changed to Lithuanian ones or visa versa. In case of change of the cardholder's name and/or surname, the chard is replaced free of charge provided that the card expires within maximum 2 months.

Account fees and transaction fees set in the Pricelist are separately charged for using the payment card linked account and for transactions performed therein without using a payment card.

Cash withdrawal/depositing
Cash withdrawal at Luminor ATMs in Baltic countries and SEB ATMs in Lithuania 2% (at least EUR 1)
Cash withdrawal at other bank‘s ATM‘s2% (at least EUR 3 )
Cash withdrawal within the network of the bank's partners* via POS2% (at least EUR 3)
Cash depositing at Luminor ATMs with cash-in function 0.06%
Cash depositing within the network of the bank's partners* via POSEUR 0.5

*At Perlo paslaugos, UAB Perlo lottery terminals (cash withdrawal and depositing) following the list of locations of the Bank's partner provided on website: Perlas terminals.

Cash withdrawal fees are debited everyday, while monthly fees are debited on the penultimate day of the month.

Other card fees and services
Granting of a non-standart limit on ATM cash withdrawal and payments for goods/services*EUR 10
Currency exchange fee in case of payment in other than the card account currency 1.95%
Safe card monthly fee per payment card EUR 0.55 per month
Issuing of a copy of the receipt at customer‘s request in case of a local paymentEUR 1.5
Issuing of a copy of the receipt at customer‘s request in case of a foreign paymentEUR 6

*Non-standard limit requires use of service Safe card.

Transaction limits
Total amount of cash withdrawal transactionsEUR 3,000
Number of cash withdrawal transactions 10
Total amount on payments for goodsEUR 8,700
Number of transactions on payments for goodsUnlimited

A cash withdrawal or payment transaction performed is not deducted from the used day limit before 25 hours from execution thereof.