Bank guarantees (indemnities)
Guarantee (indemnity) issuance, increase of its amount*:
up to EUR 2499.9985 Eur
EUR 2500 and above0.5% of the amount, at least EUR 100 (if not covered by cash collateral - max EUR 160)
Guarantee (indemnity) issuance at the request of another bankEUR 250 and commission for the bank's commitment
Urgent issue/amendment of a guarantee (indemnity)**Guarantee (indemnity) issuance/amendment fee and EUR 50
Amendment to guarantee (indemnity), including reduction of guarantee (indemnity) amount under the conditions of the guarantee (indemnity)30 Eur
Administration of the request for payment under guarantee (indemnity)0.1% of the amount, at least EUR 145, max EUR 300
Advice of received guarantee (indemnity) or its amendmentEUR 30
Transfer of request for payment under guarantee (indemnity)EUR 55 and documents handling, sending by courier in Lithuania fee
Preparation and/or coordination of guarantee (indemnity) wordingOn agreed basis, at least EUR 30
Preparation of inquiry or information at the customer's requestEUR 20
Documents handling and sending by courier abroadEUR 55
Documents handling and sending by courier in LithuaniaEUR 17

*In case of increase of guarantee (indemnity) amount, the fee is calculated on the amount by which that guarantee (indemnity) is increased. No fee for amendment to the guarantee (indemnity) is charged additionally.
If a guarantee (indemnity) issued is not fully secured by cash collateral, interest for the Bank's commitment is calculated additionally.
In certain cases (for issue of a guarantee in non-standard wording or other language and the like) a higher fee may be charged on the agreed basis.
The Bank does not pay any interest for funds reserved as cash cover.

**Urgent guarantee (indemnity) is issued or amended within one working day from the moment of submitting the application filled in correctly and signed properly with the Bank. When submitting the application, all of the conditions for guarantee (indemnity) issue or amendment shall be met.