Premium class Travel insurance with Luminor Infinite

Exclusively to our Private Banking customers

Luminor Private Banking

We will take care of you and your family all over the world

The insurance applies to your children (students up to the age of 24) and spouse or cohabiting partner (1+ year of joint household) travelling with you.

The travel insurance and other benefits are all part of your Luminor Infinite card even if you’ve paid for your trip with another card.

Luminor Infinite card Travel insurance covers:

Medical expenses up to EUR 500,000

Item Coverage, EUR
Daily allowance (per day) 20 per day
Dental expenses 500
Medical aids 500​
Medical transport to the Country of Residence 500,000
Repatriation in case of an illness/ death 500,000
Medical transport during Insured’s Domestic Travel/Trip 5,000​
Repatriation in case of death during the Trip in the Country of residence 5,000​
COVID-19 expenses 10,000​
Telephone expenses 50​
Accident involving disability or death 60,000​
Accident during the trip in the country of residence with the occurrence of disability or death 60,000​

Lost or damaged baggage insurance

Item Coverage, EUR
Baggage delay 4 hours < 21 days 750​
Baggage lost or damage 2,000​
Baggage theft 2,000

Flight delay, trip cancelation or missed arrival

Item Coverage, EUR
Flight delay or cancellation 750​
Trip cancellation or termination (deductible 15%) 2,000​
Trip cancellation or termination due to natural disasters (deductible 15%) 1,000​
Travel delay and loss of connection 2,000 ​

Private civil liability up to EUR 100,000

Item Coverage, EUR
Legal aid 1,000​

Rental car insurance

Item Coverage, EUR
Rental car deductible insurance (Unconditional deductible 250 EUR) 2,000​
Rental car deductible insurance during the Trip in the country of residence (Unconditional deductible 250 EUR) 1,000​

What to do in case of an insured event?

If you have an insurable accident abroad and need coverage for medical expenses, contact our travel assistance partner UAB OPS LT by phone +370 5 203 0055 or

For non-medical coverage – after your return, please complete the form at or contact Compensa Vienna Insurance Group by phone 19111 or +370 5 249 1911.

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